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Hot tubs on a cold night

Accidentally left hot tub cover off overnight.

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Using your hot tub in the winter can be tricky—while it sounds so wonderful in the below-freezing nights of winter, it can take some convincing to actually get yourself out of your pleasant house. The winter also brings up some very interesting questions about best spa operating practices. No fear—we have a slew of hot tub winter tips that will help you get through the season safe and relaxed. Cold and flu season is usually in full swing in the middle of winter when everyone is sick and indoors simultaneously.

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Last but not least: Make sure that your hands are completely dry before you touch a metal doorknob or latch to go inside your home—or your skin could freeze to the metal! Discover more about Hydropool hot tub benefits here or read on about the benefits of hot tubs in winter below. In spring and summer, getting out of your spa or hot tub does not usually present a temperature shock to your body.

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You can post now and register later. Posted Hot tubs on a cold night 2, While immersed in warm water, your body can't properly regulate its temperature through perspiration. No matter where you live —whether in Miami or the land of the midnight sun—your hot tub will reward you every day you use it. We all suffer from annoying colds and even flu in the winter time. They might notice. You can challenge each other to go for a roll in the snow or any other winter-related games you can come up with. the conversation You can post now and register later.

Cusser 58 Posted May 1, A frozen hot tub can be an awfully expensive problem to remedy. Our range of hot tubs are insulated with NASA-inspired Triple Thermal Shield Technology, so the cost of running your hot tub in winter is nowhere near as much as you would expect.

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One more step to pure bliss! As winter begins, the cold sets in and so do the germs. Not purely reserved for the Christmas tree, why not try hanging twinkling fairy lights around your hot tub gazebo for a truly festive experience. Keep your feet warm during the journey while simultaneously keeping dirt and debris out of the hot tub water.

Summer is a highly social season—a time when friends and family get together for barbecues or to just while away hazy days in backyards, on patios and decksand, of course, in hot tubs. RDspaguy Posted May 1, The thermometer begins to rise again as the sun does. Take the next step to owning a Hot Spring Hot tubs on a cold night by exploring more.

Don't worry about it. Also, how much jump in electric can this cause?? Regular precautions for spa and hot tub use, such as proper water disinfection, should be followed year round.

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This is particularly important for when you are leaving the hot water and making a quick dash across your yard to get inside your warm house. But summer can also bring oppressive temperatures and high humidity. Most outdoor hot tubs are a little more than a hop, skip, or a jump away from the nearest doorway. Hot-tubbing at night can provide tranquility on par with sitting around a campfire and watching the stars—another popular summertime activity that turns up the heat in a different type of way. Owning a hot tub is a joyful experience, no matter what the season. Go out with a bang Ditch the wellies, hats and mittens this year and keep cosy in your tub to watch the New Year fireworks.

It may be chilly outside, but here are a few reasons why using your hot tub in winter is the best!

Hot Tub Buying Mistakes Brochure. With the cold weather comes increased pain in the form of t aches and arthritis. These windows of spa opportunity are even more open in cooler, northern states, such as Washington, Montana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Maine. Soothe your aches and pains With the cold weather comes increased pain in the form of t aches and arthritis. Summer is here! Facebook Twitter. Here are three key ones to follow for safe enjoyment of a warm, aquatic escape. If you start to feel achiness or anything in your lungs, use your hot tub as a way to sweat out the toxins and get some cool air in your lungs.

Be absolutely sure that you completely sweep off any ice or snow before removing the lid or cover. Turning it up to 40 degrees Celsius Hot tubs on a cold night a good temperature. Diffuse the stresses and strains of Christmas The run-up to Christmas is stressful; presents to buy, food to prepare, families and events to organise. Sit back and enjoy the cool rain on your face as the rest of your body indulges in warmth. Use them sparingly if you want to keep the water warm and be sure they are turned off after your time in the water has concluded.

Getting out of your hot tub and feeling like your skin has gotten hammered will certainly discourage you from using it frequently and reaping the benefits. Swim Pool v Swim Spa Guide. Display as a link instead.

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Maintain proper spa or hot tub water temperature. By snaxmuppet Started April 26, Hot tub was fine and still According to the U. Use shoes that have a good grip because surfaces around the tub can get slick in the freezing weather. This is not true.

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The natural healing power of the water will provide welcome relief in the harshest of winters. Cold air can help with coughs and sweating in the hot environment and replenishing with lots of water may help you avoid having to use your precious sick days. or insert images from URL. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Cold night!! Make your garden a winter wonderland Not purely reserved for the Christmas tree, why not try hanging twinkling fairy lights around your hot tub gazebo for a truly festive experience.

If you do take it into the hot tub with you, just be careful not to spill! Therefore, in advance of settling into hot bubbling bliss, prepare for the time when your soak will end. If you have anin now to post with your.

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Followers 1. Recommended Posts. When the day is done, a minute soak before bed can help improve your sleep. By Countrygrl Started 1 hour ago. Get a personal quote. Buzz kill. The electric company and its stockholders thank you! A knit hat or baseball cap both work great to help regulate body temperature. Posted April 30, After exerting your muscles in the yard or at the gym, your hot tub can help reduce soreness and aching. Another tip about temperature: Wear a winter hat. The last thing you want is to be cold. The cool peace that follows is an invitation to appreciate the earthy scent left behind and melt into the bliss of your home spa.

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Jan 16, Swim Spa Buyers Guide. Consumer Product Safety Commissionwater should never exceed degrees Fahrenheit. First, if your hot tub or spa has a lid or cover, carefully remove it: Depending on the lid or cover condition—such as ice or snow piled on it—you may want to take this initial step only after donning winter gloves.

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Entrancing spa waterfalls and fountains augment the mood, and multicolored LED lighting ushers your gathering into the night, setting the stage for fun hot tub games or stargazing. I know it makes me want to go jump in right now! How can we help? No one wants to run out when the ro are icy and inhospitable. Some relatives used it, and reported that the "cover blew away" - translation, a little too much booze and the cover DID blow away Reply to this topic Start new topic.

This applies to the hot tub blowersespecially. However, a hat will actually help you regulate body temperature.

Can you use a hot tub in summer?

Check your chemical supply stash and be sure you have enough of what you need while the weather is good and get any extras. It may seem strange, but a thin layer of lotion or even sunscreen, in a pinch will keep your face from drying out. In Up. Sister, You DO want to be careful For general spa and hot tub safety tips, check out these websites:. Otherwise, ice or snow could have an unhappy meeting with some water—falling into the spa or hot tub or getting just wet enough to freeze up on the cover or lid or around your hands.

Posted May 7, Same as if you were actually using it from 7 to 9pm.